Globe & Mail: 

Feature: SS Songs (09/07/2012)

“The Young Lions Music Club is a music marketing agency that also functions as a free, anyone-can-join fan club with more than 650 members. It’s meant to replicate classic fan clubs – the old-school communities that existed before the Internet – and put its members in the same physical space.”

102.1 The Edge


The Grid: 

Feature: Songs A Dance Party (02/24/2012)

“[YLMC] puts on parties that… give bands a unique way to reach their fans while opening themselves up to new, often unsuspecting admirers.”



Feature profile: Young Lions Music Club (07/27/2012)

Feature: Who are the top music promoters in Toronto? (06/06/2012)

“Young Lions Music Club isn’t afraid of anything… and the overwhelming response from Toronto’s indie music lovers attests to the success of their unique ideas”


She Does The City:

Feature profile: Young Lions Music Club

“A free-to-join membership program, Young Lions throws great parties with amazing DJs and bands, partners with local bars, restaurants and vintage stores for discounts, and creates a crew of music-loving members.”

Off The Map

Feature: Bobby Kimberley of YLMC (Summer 2012)

Preview: Kubrick Collection vol I: The Shining (09/06/2012)

“Get Bobby Kimberley a projector and he can throw a better party than Skyy Vodka.”

Plaid Magazine:

Video interview: Bobby Kimberley of YLMC (09/04/2012)

“Plaid met up with the founder of YLMC, Bobby Kimberley, to talk about throwing unique events and ‘getting it right’.”

Little Red Umbrella
Feature: Young Lions Music Club (02/09/2012)

“You’re probably going to want to join the Young Lions Music Club…”


Buying Shots for Bands

Event review: Teenage Kicks secret show (08/08/2012)

“Everybody in the city knows that Young Lions Music Club knows how to throw a party.”


Toronto Social Review

Feature: Young Lions Music Club (03/01/2012)

“We also pretty much enjoyed every big event they’ve held since their opening in June 2011 which includes their NXNE Trinity Bellwoods series. These guys are pros in knowing how to have a good time while keeping it simple…”