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It’s NXNE again. You’re strapping that plastic band to your wrist, unlocking your bicyclette, and relishing the opportunity to wait in line at 70 venues in a single night.

Or, are you…?

Young Lions Music Club presents an alternative offering that might keep you in one place after all.

YLMC’s Stacked NXNE



We’re pumped to know that Toronto is birthing a really good psychedelic pop band in these guys. We had no idea until recently, when we first heard the stunner ‘Soul and Body’, from their recently released EP (and aptly titled) ‘Flavour Canyon’. It’s fit for the summer.

LISTEN: ‘Flavour Canyon’, the new EP -

10pm – WEAVES

Weaves showed up outta nowhere with their stretched & twisted debut single ‘Hulahoop’. It makes perfect sense that it’s the experimental pop product of a great collabo: Jasmyn Burke (Rat Tail) and Morgan Waters (aka Reggie Van Gunn).

LISTEN: ‘Hulahoop’, the debut single -

11pm – THE MAGIC

These guys actually create magic. The Magic have been perfecting their supernatural pop skillz in quiet Guelph, ON for years, and their 2012 debut ‘Ragged Gold’ affirms that there’s no juicier groove around.

LISTEN: ‘Ragged Gold’, our favourite album of 2012 -


Brothers of other mothers, these lifelong friends have just given us a new single in advance of their upcoming A&C release and the sun-soaked jam sits well with a fuzzy disposition on a summer afternoon.

LISTEN: ‘Burial Suit’, the new single from their upcoming sophomore release, here:

1am – GOLD & YOUTH

The dark pop of Vancouver’s Gold & Youth is as mesmerizing as it is seductive. And with their (realllly good) sophomore album ‘Beyond Wilderness’ just released May 13 via Arts & Crafts and streaming below, you can whet your appetite to the point of salivation.

LISTEN: ‘Beyond Wilderness’, their barely-outta-the-womb new album:


A gender ratio not unlike the above, but promising 1000% more skull fractures.

3am – WANNABE: The Spice Girls Tribute Band

It’s 3:05am, and two of your wildest teenage dreams are coming true simultaneously: you’re drinking alcohol even when you know you shouldn’t be, and Baby Spice is on stage, giving you the ’2 Become 1′ eyes.

WATCH: Toronto’s powerhouse 5 (+ 6-piece band) nail two Spice classics at their recent, sold-out Great Hall show:

Friday @ BLK BOX (Great Hall basement)
8pm doors – $10, or free with NXNE stuff

EXCLUSIVE MIX: Listen to our #YLMCStackedNXNE mixtape here, featuring tunes from the bands on the bill:

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