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Harvesting the DIY luxury afforded by anyone with a laptop computer, an internet connection and a natural penchant for creative expression, Toronto’s Mark Andrade is set to release his debut EP as Paradise Animals; 7 lush, layered, dream-pop songs that he wrote, recorded, and produced.

Though clearly a jack-of-all-trades musically, Paradise Animals marks Andrade’s debut as front man. When Andrade’s previous project, the 5-piece synth-pop machine Green Go, was in full swing, Andrade was known mostly as the guy who “fills in the blanks”; paying his dues as sometimes guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer/percussionist, with his major contributions coming behind the scenes in the writing process.

But when the band went on hiatus, Andrade began to put his overflow of musical skill into a project he could call his own. The result is 7 songs that swing from ambient electronic to jazz-infused pop, all accompanied by Andrade’s understated, comforting tenor vocals.

Paradise Animals is much more than a one-man show; Andrade calls on a small group of his talented friends to bring these dreamy tunes to life. Gary Pereira’s influence can be heard in the smooth, funk-inspired bass lines that shine in songs like “At This Time” and “Coastal Lines.” Kerri Silva (also of the band We are Growling Woods) lends her roots-rock inspired guitar playing, while Adam Scott (Green Go) has recently come on board to add his unique drumming to the project in replacement of the talented Mike Zimic who, at times, honeymoons as the now back-up drummer.

Paradise Animals is a chameleon; a band that frequently sheds its skin. What might first appear in shades of grey as ambience set against spastic noise can swiftly transition into a soulful dance party of red, yellow and shimmering blue.

Paradise Animals won’t let you get comfortable.




Paradise Animals – At This Time by Young Lions Music Club 









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